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candle readings and meanings: Candle Color Meanings: What To Know, Rituals + Spells To Try

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Guilt, broken hearts, karmic baggage, new hassles, and so on. Proceed with the working, but be ready to do some clean-up afterwards. A candle that is not properly contained or leveled will often develop a hole in the side, causing melted wax to drip out quickly and shortening the life of the candle. “Spending” a candle quickly is not necessarily a bad sign—it can mean that there is passionate, accelerated energy behind your spell. Anyone well-versed in candle-making can tell you what causes weird candle behavior in strictly non-magickal terms. Black soot is the result of oils or colorants being exposed to high heat.

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However, that doesn’t mean free-standing candles can’t have both. Black smoke and soot are often interpreted as your spell being blocked. Even the candle soot, if any, reveals specific information about your spell and whether it will be successful. The color of candle smoke, if any, also carries a direct message about your spell. One of the biggest parts of candle magic is understanding how to read the flame, as well as the wax, and even the glass surrounding your candle. Set and write down an intention on the new moon and light a fresh candle (that’s the color corresponding to your intention).

Jumping Candle Flame Meaning

White soot represents spiritual help, while black soot represents challenges. If black soot appears near the top of the candle and turns white further down, it means the challenge was overcome. If black soot appears near the bottom, it means that a challenge has interrupted your working. On the other hand, white soot near the bottom means that your spell was helped by spirits, and is likely to succeed. During a spell or ritual, the way your candle burns can tell you a lot.

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Divination using a fire is called lychnomancy, and candles are a simple, inexpensive way to do it. The way that a candle burns has everything to do with what is happening around us. Invisible energy, much like the air, vibrations, or magnetic forces, influence the events that happen around us. If we pay close enough attention, our interpretations can help us decide what to do next or where to go from here.

Once your candle is out, close out your practice and thank any guides you worked with. Simply keep the candle burning while you’re home to remind you of the goal you’re working toward. Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York. Some churches and families place the candles in an Advent wreath, with the Christ candle in the center. The Advent wreath’s circular shape symbolizes God’s constant and unchanging nature.

As a conduit for fire, the candle represents illumination in the dark, for both the material world and the spirit realm. The open flame is an avenue for communication to other realms of existence, making it useful for carrying prayers, transmitting chants, and asking questions. One would light a candle to accompany them on journeys through darkness and unknown territory.

Step Six: Form Your Question of Inquiry

As you can probably imagine, black candles are serious business, and it’s not something that you should take lightly. The color itself absorbs all others, which is why the candles are used for banishing or absorbing negative energy. You can use gold candles in rituals when your main desire or goal is to obtain fortune or personal power. However, deeply spiritual individuals believe that a flame from gold candles creates a passageway.

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Also, because gold is the symbol of fortune, it represents success, money, and victory. Purple candles play a huge role in esoterism, and the students of the practice believe that they can use them to cancel out bad karma. By lighting the candles, you can reverse any negative effects.

Although, in some of the cases, we see that the working objective has alhttps://g-markets.net/y been achieved. When the candle’s flame goes out, that means the vital force of the rival finishes the work has put to an end. East– When the love is dashing towards the east direction, it denotes the mental part of the spirit is active.


When most people think of a candle flame, they picture the bright white and warm yellow illumination it provides. Candles can sometimes burn noticeably brighter than usual. It’s as if they’re being fed by fuel, producing bright light you can’t ignore. A candle that will not stay lit represents the end of your spiritual work. You’ve done enough with your energy for the time being, and the forces that be are rejecting any attempts to reignite the power you’ve utilized.


Everything from how much energy is going into a spell, to how likely it is that you will receive what you ask for, can show up in your candles. There are still more ways you can use your candles’ wax and flames to see what is influencing your spells. Red and yellow are two other common colors that occur in candle flames. This matters because it’s a stark difference from the appearance of fire around spiritual energy. Another possible meaning of a candle flame that’s too high is that you’re holding back a lot of power behind your intentions. That could mean that you have tons of untapped potential just burning below the surface.


Also, every person may inspire a different meaning from each burn, so approach this ritual with a clear, open mind and proceed accordingly. This could point to a weakly conducted spell, prayer, or general intention. Focus your energy, and perhaps fine-tune and direct your intention with time and effort. If the flame grows larger, it means your intentions are gaining power.


The intensity of sputtering and the loud crackling of candle flame determine the level of communication. A petition is a formal request that is made to the universe or whatever power you are working with. To bring your will into physical terms and to ties unseen with seen, carve your petition into the side of the candle. By using your power and will, you have to charge the candle.

This can still be successful, but there is a lot of current happening in the situation and spell. You can attempt to relight the candle – for example if too much wax pooled around the wick, you can dig out the wick and relight it. If the flame fizzles out with much more than a small amount of wax on the bottom, it can mean an incomplete spell or the spell is manifested as desired.

You should open the circle, ground yourself, and leave it be. Usually this means that your petition or spell—whatever it may be—will not manifest. However, in some cases, it can mean that the objective of the working has already been attained. Don’t miss out on our newsletter, featuring all the latest stories and products we love. Sign up for our newsletter featuring all the latest stories and products we love. In this case, all elements are blocking you except for the one that burned.

If the candle goes out with only a small amount of wax at the bottom (about 1”), it may mean that the working will be successful, but not fully manifest as hoped. Always make sure that the wick isn’t too short when starting a candle spell. Some candles will have a special design or wording on the front of the candle so it’s easy to tell. Passionate about spirituality, numerology and spiritual accounts.

  • Stacey is a psychic tarot reader, fortune teller (vorozhka/ворожка), energy healer, and witch (відьма) who works with Slavic folk magick.
  • The meaning of a steady candle flame is strongly connected to being in a state of peace.
  • Numbers may represent specific dates and times, or even hold meanings rooted in numerology.
  • By this point, you’ve probably realized that there are no set criteria for who should read the Advent readings in church.
  • The most common meaning of a dancing candle flame is that you have strong energy.

You’ll also be acknowledging the delicate balance of all living things. Out of all the candle readings and meaningss in the spectrum, brown has one of the strongest groundings. Above all else, it represents balance and an unbreakable bond to the land. You can light orange candles before a big job interview, or when you’re looking to move up in your career. They can also help you with any legal matters or just achieving your goals in general. Of all the questions above, that last one deserves the most attention, because unless we’re growing in our love and knowledge for Jesus, frankly, we’re wasting our time.

If it’s on the front, left, back or right, it may mean there’s unfinished business in that area that the spell wasn’t able to completely remove or work on. The flame and wick may change its position from the front then to the back, then to the left and then to the right. A flame may move around the wax and this can be indicative of what the spell is working on. The left side of the candle represents things from the past – distant and/or recent past. The back of the candle represents everything and anything that is non-physical and/or non-tangible.

  • Occasionally practitioners encounter gray or white smoke and soot.
  • On the other hand, the yellow color indicates intelligence which is connected to all thinking kinds.
  • Black soot is the result of oils or colorants being exposed to high heat.
  • These candles will bring in extra cash, grow your savings and bring you financial success.

If possible, select a bowl for scrying that is wooden, ceramic, or made of natural material. Avoid materials such as plastic, as the wax may burn the inside of the bowl. Incomplete and broken rings may show delay or variables in the accuracy and precision of the time prediction.

If the black soot continues to or is at the bottom of your candle, it means that the obstacle, challenge or negativity has blocked your spell. As the candle burns to the bottom, it can create a fire hazard that becomes too hot for the glass to contain if there’s too much at the bottom. A flame that has a lot of blue in the colour of the flame means a high presence of spirit energy assisting your spell.

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